🧩 Chris Ware’s "Building Stories” Puzzle

Building Stories Chris Ware Puzzle

The other day, I had a chance to get a ride in an autonomous car for the first time. A couple of years ago, when I was in San Francisco, I saw a lot of cars with big machines on top of them on the streets of downtown late at night, and I asked my friend, "What are those ?” He told me that they were training cars for autonomous driving. Technology advancement is great and exciting, but on the other hand, the experience of making Chris Ware’s “Building Stories” puzzle and working with original molds created from scratch, I was...

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Imiri Sakabshira's Soft Vinyl Kaiju

Imiri Sakabshira' soft vinyl

There is a gallery in Kyoto called Trancepop, which is run by Presspop’s Yuji, and Imiri Sakabashira frequently holds exhibitions there. One day, Yuji sent me a paper mache sculpture of a monster designed by Sakabshira, and told me that this was a sculpture he had made himself. It was an attractive three-dimensional piece that stood in perfect balance. Yuji told me of Sakabashira’s wish to have this made into a soft vinyl doll, and I thought how great it would be if that can be realized. This was about two years ago, and now, this doll is finally being...

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📦 🛫 shipping fee 💧

To: our dear customers and supporters of Presspopwho help us to carry onThis message is regarding the shipping fee.As we have announced before, since last year, whenExpress Mail Service (EMS) from the post office stopped delivering goods to some countries due to the pandemic, we have been shipping out orders using UPS and DHL which cost double of EMS. But we have been doing this without raising the shipping price, and we ourselves, have been covering the difference in the cost. Recently, EMS announced that they will resume delivering to these countries from June 1st, 2021 which is good news.However, they also...

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on sale now!!!!!!!

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SOFT VINYL DOLL  👀2021 Spring & Summer line up 🎉


👋COMINGSOON👏  Daniel Clowes"THE DEATH-RAY DOLL"  HERO B&W Ver. "THE DEATH-RAY DOLL"  ANDY B&W Ver.       👋COMINGSOON👏  Imiri SakabashiraL:11cm   [POACHING ROBOT] mini BULGAN Standard Ver. R:13cm  [MUMMY KAIJU] mini FARAOS Standard Ver.  prototype: Imiri Sakabashira     

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