Imiri Sakabshira's Soft Vinyl Kaiju

Imiri Sakabshira' soft vinyl

There is a gallery in Kyoto called Trancepop, which is run by Presspop’s Yuji, and Imiri Sakabashira frequently holds exhibitions there. One day, Yuji sent me a paper mache sculpture of a monster designed by Sakabshira, and told me that this was a sculpture he had made himself. It was an attractive three-dimensional piece that stood in perfect balance. Yuji told me of Sakabashira’s wish to have this made into a soft vinyl doll, and I thought how great it would be if that can be realized. This was about two years ago, and now, this doll is finally being released from Presspop.

Imiri’s manga works have been translated and published in North America, Europe, and China, and his art books have been published in Taiwan. His unique surrealistic world has a strong following both in and outside Japan. If you have a chance, please do pick up his works and experience his wonderful creations.

As for the soft vinyl dolls, we will be releasing two of them in August. We are currently sold out of the first batch, but we expect to be able to take pre-orders again around September. Our toy factory is running slower than usual due to the pandemic, and we apologize for the wait. We'll post information about the next pre-order on Presspop's Instagram page, so please follow us to be updated with the latest information. Thank you very much!              - Yasu 

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