San Diego Comicon

👀A message to people going to San Diego Comicon this week....⚡️a limited amount of our H.R. Statuettes will be debuting at the DISBURST [booth 5047] table! Grab one before they're gone! 💨


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⚡️ Where to Buy HR

For customers in USA!
They will be in stock at below two starting around mid July:
+ Get on Down
+ Aggronautix

And also your local comic book shops (if they don't carry the statue, then you can ask them to place an order through Diamond Comic Distributors)

For customers in TAIWAN!

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⚡️On Sale Now !

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⚡️HR statuette Update---- 6.24.2017


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⚡️HR statuette Update---- 6.7.2017

🚢 At last!  Our HRs will soon get on the boat leaving for Tokyo port.
If all goes smooth, they will arrive in our warehouse in about 10 days, and then we will ship them out one by one.
It will take approximately 4-5 days to reach you and we will inform you with tracking number.
Once again, many many thanks for your kind patience!!
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⚡️HR statuette Update---- 4.25.2017

We visited the factory in China and the HR Statuette production is going well.

We will visit the factory again in the coming months for final checking, and ship them out if there aren't any problems.
Many thanks for your patience!
And for your info, the special bonus "HR buttons" are here!
Order the HR statuette now from the Presspop website and get'em while they last: 
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⚡️HR statuette Update---- 4.6.2017

H.R. (Bad Brains) Statuette ⚡️HOW TO ORDER (as of April 6th, 2017)

 Individual customers can order from:
+ PRESSPOP TOY (Tokyo, Japan)
This is our official store, ships from Tokyo to worldwide around August (you get them fastest), only orders placed here comes with free H.R. BUTTON while they last.
+ (USA)
Will be available after August, 2017. Add to your Shopping/Wish List now!
+ Get On Down (USA)
+ Aggronautix (USA)
 More stores coming soon.
For details, you can contact us at:

Retailers can order from:
Diamond Comic Distributors (USA)
H.R. (Bad Brains) Statuette (item#: STL049969 or MAY172944)

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⚡️HR statuette Update---- 3.26.2017

This is a pre-order and product will ship in late spring/early summer, 2017. 
Just as we made special limited sticker set as bonus gift to our Public Enemy Action Figure Set, we designed a special H.R. button to give away as free to those who purchase the doll from our website. Quantity is limited so they come only while supplies last!  
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⚡️HR statuette Update---- 3.15.2017💨

To all of you who have pre-ordered the HR statuette/figure,
We are so sorry to keep you waiting still!!!
The engineering and designing are done and the figures are finally ready to go into production at the factory.
Please please give us a little more time!
We should be able to deliver them to you by late spring/early summer.
Many many thanks for your patience and understanding!
With warm wishes,
Yasutaka Minegishi
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⚡️HR Statuette Update ---- 3.6.2017💨

The engineering and designing are done and the figures are finally in production at the factory.
Please give us a little more time!
Many many thanks for your patience and understanding!
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