About us

High Quality Art Toys from Japan! 
We have been producing carefully designed and sculpted art toys since the year 2000, working with craftsmen and factories in and outside Japan.
We collaborate mainly with cartoonists from U.S.A etc. 
The first toy that we released was 
SoF’Boy (Archer Prewitt) in 2000 followed by Little Enid from the film, Ghost World (Daniel Clowes) in 2001. 
Figurines of Bob Moog, Allen Ginsberg, Raymond Scott, Lee Perry belong to our well-received “Great People Series.” 
From “giant” to “mini” size, soft-vinyl, cloth doll, to 12” figures and much more, we will continue to challenge the art of toy-making, always following our creative spirit and curiosity.  


Presspop inc.
#203 , 2-13-13 Minamimachi, Kichijyoji, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0003 Japan
Email: info@presspop.com ( CONTACT→ Maki )
Phone: +81(0)422.71.7555