Good news! 🧩Pinceel (🇧🇪 Belgium)

Finally, our Chris Ware Building Stories puzzles are with Pinceel (🇧🇪  Belgium), our distributor in Belgium.
With all that is going on in the world, it took 9 months from Tokyo to reach them.
Shop owners in Europe, please contact them for purchase.
Shop owners in USA, please contact Last Gasp(🇺🇸) Drawn&Quarterly(🇨🇦) .
There is no more stock in our warehouse in Japan.
We are now discussing with our printer and shipper in China/HK about the situation there regarding 2nd print, but it's not easy.  
So if you want to secure stock of the puzzle for your customers, please do so fast while they last.  Many thanks always for your kind support.

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