📦 🎄 ✈️  Shipping of Christmas items

If you are thinking about ordering our products for Christmas, 

please do so as early as possible.

Please see information from the Japanese post office below→ 🏣

The international shipping fee on our WEB SHOP is set at the cheapest one from EMS (Express Mail Service) from the post office.  However, ever since the pandemic started, EMS has halted service many times and each time, we had to ship via DHL/UPS, paying for the fee difference ourselves rather than have customers pay for them. Even now, EMS does not ship to Brazil, Australia, Canada and Italy etc. so for shipments going out to those countries, we use DHL/UPS, and pay the price difference.  The other day, we received notice from UPS about 

price raise and we think the same will happen for DHL.  And EMS is still very unstable.  We are starting to think that, much against our will, we might have to raise the shipping fee on our WEB SHOP next year. For the time being, the fee remains the same, so if you wish to order our products, we suggest you do so as soon as possible.  Thank you!



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