Under the Covid19 circumstances, as of last week, shipping via EMS (air shipping with tracking number) from the Japan Post Service, which we usually use,  has been halted. This means we can no longer use this service to ship our products to almost all the countries outside Japan.
After much consideration, we have decided to try and continue shipping using UPS or DHL which costs twice as much as EMS.
However, we will cover all the “additional” shipping cost. We felt it was important to continue delivering our products to people who wish to have them under this emergency state, and we do not want the high shipping fee to be an obstacle for people who support our products.
So shipping fee will remain the same and we will continue to ship to most of the countries outside Japan.
Just to be clear, this does not mean that we are offering free shipping.
We are just covering the ADDITIONAL shipping fee to keep your shipping fee
down to the usual rate pre-COVID19. 
We really appreciate all of you and pray that everyone remains safe and healthy.

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