Prototype - Chuck D - PUBLIC ENEMY Action Figure Set

Chuck D Prototype PUBLIC ENEMY

*PUBLIC ENEMY Action Figure Set

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Shipping out schedule for the Public Enemy Action Figure Set

Thank you to all of the customers who have placed an order for the Public Enemy Action Figure Set.If all goes smooth, the sets will arrive to our warehouse mid-end of August and will be shipped out to you immediately.We will send tracking number once they go out.Many thanks for your patience!

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PUBLIC ENEMY Action Figure Set HOW TO ORDER(as of July 17th, 2016)   Individual customers can order: Now + PRESSPOP TOY (Tokyo, Japan)Ships from Tokyo to worldwide in August and you get them fastest. Only orders placed here comes with free Public Enemy sticker pack while they last. Please note that for customers in USA and Europe etc. the shipping fee is higher than ordering from your domestic shops (but you do get them fastest and a bonus sticker pack). For customers in the Asia region, we recommend you place orders here.→ * + Public Enemy Website →* + O'wear (for...

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San Diego Comicon 2016

PUBLIC ENEMY Action Figure Set   Fantagraphics Books will have a small quantity of these sets on sale at San Diego Comicon(7/21-24), so if you happen to be there, please stop by their booth #1721.    

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Hi,how are you?

New Products planed for 2016~2017 Public Enemy Action Figure Set of 4 Public Enemy Logo Statue HR (Bad Brains) Figurine

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