H.R. (Bad Brains) STATUETTE

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Hey, we got that P.M.A.! Hey, we got the P.M.A.!
This is the figure of H.R. (Paul D. Hudson), the lead singer of the hardcore punk pioneer band, Bad Brains. Officially approved by H.R. 
Made with PVC and ABS and has articulation in the neck. T-shirt and pants are made from fabric. Designed by Sof'boy comic creator, Archer Prewitt. Comes in beautifully designed large box packaging. Sculpted by Japanese master sculptor, Tomohiro Yasui.  A must have for all Bad Brains and punk rock fans!


  • Designed by : Archer Prewitt (author of SoF’BoY)
  • Sculpted by: Tomohiro Yasui
  • Costume by: Mizuho Takayama
  • Size:Height of H.R. standing up straight: 9.05"(23cm)
  • Material: PVC,ABS
  • Made in China
  • JAN Code: 4560247870461
  • Retail price: $50
  • Release date: late Spring/early Summer, 2017



+ dangerous minds

+ afropunk 


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+ Diamond Comic Distributors (USA)

H.R. (Bad Brains) Statuette (item#: STL049969 or MAY172944)


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