🗺 Chris Ware Building Stories puzzle 🧩

Finally!  After 3 month of waiting, the Chris Ware Building Stories puzzles have gone through the port congestion and have arrived in our US warehouse! North American customers and retail stores, many many thanks for your patience.  We are sure you will hear from DRAWN&QUARTERLY (who will be selling the puzzles to you) with details about the release in about half a month or so. If not, please make inquiry.  For those of you who ordered the puzzle from MCA Store in Chicago, you will receive them soon as they are now on US land!  For Euro customers, the puzzle...

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daniel clowes soft vinyl

Autumn is here....the season for Bigger Little Enid Halloween🎃version, sold for a limited time of about a month this time of the year. If you wish to purchase her, we suggest that you do so early. This is because shipping via the post office, DHL, and UPS (thank you to all the delivery staff who carry our products to our customers from all over the world!) is slower than usual due to the pandemic. If you wish to grab her for sure by Halloween, please make sure to place your order by the end of this month.  Many thanks for...

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👀Available Now 🧩 CHRIS WARE "Building Stories” Jigsaw Puzzle

The Building Stories jigsaw puzzle arrived at our warehouse in Tokyo!  They will be shipped after inspection. CHRIS WARE "Building Stories” Jigsaw Puzzle  ☞ 🧩👀⚠️🚢 For customers in North America, we must explain to you the current situation.  Drawn&Quarterly will be selling the puzzles in North America, but now we are faced with an unexpected terrible boat shipping delay problem for all boats going out from China/Hong Kong to USA. According to the shippers, the delay is said to be due to various reasons, COVID outbreaks, cities in lockdown, and the Suez Canal obstruction.....this is the aftermath of all these catastrophic events. ...

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R.I.P 🙏 Lee “Scratch” Perry

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🧩 Chris Ware’s "Building Stories” Puzzle

Building Stories Chris Ware Puzzle

The other day, I had a chance to get a ride in an autonomous car for the first time. A couple of years ago, when I was in San Francisco, I saw a lot of cars with big machines on top of them on the streets of downtown late at night, and I asked my friend, "What are those ?” He told me that they were training cars for autonomous driving. Technology advancement is great and exciting, but on the other hand, the experience of making Chris Ware’s “Building Stories” puzzle and working with original molds created from scratch, I was...

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