👀Available Now 🧩 CHRIS WARE "Building Stories” Jigsaw Puzzle

The Building Stories jigsaw puzzle arrived at our warehouse in Tokyo!  They will be shipped after inspection.

CHRIS WARE "Building Stories” Jigsaw Puzzle  ☞ 🧩

👀⚠️🚢 For customers in North America, we must explain to you the current situation.  Drawn&Quarterly will be selling the puzzles in North America, but now we are faced with an unexpected terrible boat shipping delay problem for all boats going out from China/Hong Kong to USA. According to the shippers, the delay is said to be due to various reasons, COVID outbreaks, cities in lockdown, and the Suez Canal obstruction.....this is the aftermath of all these catastrophic events.  Shippers say this this predicament won’t be recovered until the end of this year.  Due to this factor, shipping schedule has been disrupted all over the world. They can't guarantee/foresee when our puzzles can be delivered to the warehouse in the U.S. The puzzles are done and on the boat, and it usually takes a month to reach U.S. but now, it could be two months or even three months....Luckily, the boat ship situation from China to Japan was not affected by this.

So if you live in North America and would like to purchase the puzzle as soon as possible, buying direct from us in Tokyo and having it shipped from here is the only choice for now (and we assume for several months to come). If you can wait, and wish to save on shipping costs, then you can purchase from Drawn&Quarterly  when they are in stock with them.

For those of you in Europe, South America, and elsewhere, we haven't found a distributor in these areas at this time, so please order from our web shop for the time being.

For those of you in China, the puzzles can be purchased from Bananafish Books(@bananafishbooks )

We can start shipping out from Tokyo from around this week, so if you wish to own the puzzle now asap, please order from our web shop.

We will have special discounted shipping fee of US $20 worldwide until the puzzles reach USA.

Many thanks!

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