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daniel clowes soft vinyl

Autumn is here....the season for Bigger Little Enid Halloween🎃version, sold for a limited time of about a month this time of the year. If you wish to purchase her, we suggest that you do so early. This is because shipping via the post office, DHL, and UPS (thank you to all the delivery staff who carry our products to our customers from all over the world!) is slower than usual due to the pandemic. If you wish to grab her for sure by Halloween, please make sure to place your order by the end of this month.  Many thanks for...

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Imiri Sakabshira's Soft Vinyl Kaiju

Imiri Sakabshira' soft vinyl

There is a gallery in Kyoto called Trancepop, which is run by Presspop’s Yuji, and Imiri Sakabashira frequently holds exhibitions there. One day, Yuji sent me a paper mache sculpture of a monster designed by Sakabshira, and told me that this was a sculpture he had made himself. It was an attractive three-dimensional piece that stood in perfect balance. Yuji told me of Sakabashira’s wish to have this made into a soft vinyl doll, and I thought how great it would be if that can be realized. This was about two years ago, and now, this doll is finally being...

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