📣 GONE SPORTS  🛹 art skateboard deck of HR (Bad Brains⚡️) in May!


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We will be releasing a special art skateboard deck of HR (Bad Brains) in May!
HR figurine artist, Archer Prewitt is back with a superb design.
The printing on the decks are not the standard inkjet, but old-school silkscreen in two colors, black and silver.  These are special art decks each with its unique finish. 

As always with our products, when we prioritize quality, that means, long production time.   And on top of that, with the present unstable situation of the world, especially with covid, there has been delays both at the factory and with transportation, and release has been delayed for almost half a year....please excuse us for the turtle speed....
But they are completed now!  

This product comes with a certificate hand signed by HR himself.
Don't miss out on this chance to own a very rare "collection piece" of HR.



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