👀📦🛹 Shigeru Mizuki Yokai Skateboard Decks

At last! The Shigeru Mizuki Yokai Skateboard Decks have arrived in our warehouse. Currently, we are inspecting each of them and shipping the preorders out so please wait for their arrival soon. Chances are low that we will do a reproduction so we suggest you purchase them soon while there is still stock. Each comes with certificate.

Initially, these were planned to be sold at Mizuki's exhibit at the museum in Angouleme, France last year but the pandemic halted and slowed down the production at the factory. It was a bit of a bumpy ride of more than a year, but we think the time spent in its making really shows in the finished product. Whether you display them on your wall or take them on a ride at the skatepark, we are sure you'll have a great time with these charming yokais!

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