🗺 Chris Ware Building Stories puzzle 🧩

Finally!  After 3 month of waiting, the Chris Ware Building Stories puzzles have gone through the port congestion and have arrived in our US warehouse!
North American customers and retail stores, many many thanks for your patience.  We are sure you will hear from DRAWN&QUARTERLY (who will be selling the puzzles to you) with details about the release in about half a month or so. If not, please make inquiry. 
For those of you who ordered the puzzle from MCA Store in Chicago, you will receive them soon as they are now on US land! 
For Euro customers, the puzzle are on their way to you.  They should arrive by around Christmas.  Individual customers can purchase from either Éditions Cornélius in France, or PINCEEL in Belgium, and retail stores can purchase from PINCEEL
⚠️  And we should add that we are almost sold out of the puzzle stock we have in Japan, and in our US warehouse, stock is not big.  Of course, we are thinking about doing a second print but are also worried about the port congestion issue and boat shipping delays all over the world.  Even if we do second print, we are not sure by when they can be made available to you if we are all sold out.  So if you are thinking about purchasing this puzzle, we suggest you do so at your earliest convenience before the first print sells out. 
Once again, thank you so much for your continued patience!

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